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I Appreciate Your Face—> Marc Methot

Sexiest man in Ottawa!

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Oops I just went insane and bought all this stuff with the Christmas money my family gave me… :D


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Canada’s top line prediction for Sochi:


can you say lethal?

Perfection!!! I just hope Stamkos is back by then!!!

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Love Boxing Day shopping!!!

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Anonymous said: As a fairly new hockey fan, I really don't get all of the Crosby hate. The Pens are my favorite team, but I do like others, so having observed games, players, and fans, I'm more perplexed than ever. Maybe he did something so horrible in the past that people can just never forget?? Because the way I see it, you've got a captain who cares about his team, cares about his game, cares about his fans, doesn't cry/dive/etc anymore than the next player, doesn't gloat, and PLAYS fucking amazing.


ding ding ding, someone gets it

non-pens fans hate him because he’s so good and because he’s so talked about. no one likes to admit that, but it’s true. and i understand that can get annoying, but hate the sports commentators or whatever, hate that — not sid himself because it’s not like he’s ostentatious or a jerk (lol, that humble loser…could you imagine). as a result of this denial of their complete irrational hate, they find every minute fault with him and escalate it to beyond reason.

  • "i hate sid because he’s a crybaby" — never seen him shed a tear (and wait, hockey players aren’t allowed to cry? i’ve seen plenty of hockey players cry for many reasons.)
  • "i hate sid because he’s a whiner" — don’t recall any diving penalties…. also, if doing a captain’s job means whining then maybe your captain should step it the fuck up.
  • "i hate sid because he sucks" — so, so false. check the stats, check the highlights, check the trophies, check with your favorite players, check with fucking wayne gretzky.
  • " i hate sid because he’s overrated" — nope, the stats don’t lie, he does something absolutely filthy every game, and his name at the top of the league means he deserves to be talked about. cut down the bitterness, please.
  • "i hate sid because he’s an asshole" — you probably heard him curse on the ice or saw him shove your favorite player. newsflash: this is hockey and not fucking golf okay come on. 
  • "i hate sid because he has a huge ego" — how? he’s literally the most awko taco of sports. he loves kids, loves helping the community, loves and respects the game (he also loves to look spectacularly out of place in social conventions, that huge loSeR).
  • "i hate sid because sidney is a girl’s name" — go the fuck away you’re so dumb you don’t deserve anything ever bYE

(i didn’t make up a single one of these arguments by the way. people really are that childish and irrational when it comes to hating sid lol. idiots.)

Priceless response!!!

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he’s literally the sexiest man alive

Agreed 100%!!!


he’s literally the sexiest man alive

Agreed 100%!!!

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